Cross-lingual intelligent information access system from clinical cases using mobile devices

Maria Lorena Prieto , Fernando Aparicio , Manuel de Buenaga , Diego Gachet , Mari Cruz Gaya


Over the last decade there has been a rapid growth of both the development of new smart mobile devices (Smartphone and Tablet) and their use (through many applications). Furthermore, in the biomedical field there are a greater number of resources in different formats, which can be exploited by using Intelligent Information Access Systems and techniques for information retrieval and extraction. This paper presents the development of a mobile interface access that, using different local knowledge sources (dictionaries and ontologies previously preprocessed), techniques of natural language processing and remote knowledge sources (which performs the annotation of entities in text inputted into the system via Web services), allows the cross-lingual extraction of medical concepts in English and Spanish, from a medical text in English or Spanish (e.g. a clinical case). The mobile application user can enter a medical text or a picture of it, resulting in a set of relevant medical entities.
On recognized medical entities, extracted and displayed through the interface, the user can get more information on them, get more information from other concepts related to originally extracted and search for scientific publications from MEDLINE/PubMed.

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