Lingmotif: A User-focused Sentiment Analysis Tool

Antonio Moreno-Ortiz


In this paper, we describe Lingmotif, a lexicon-based, linguistically-motivated, userfriendly, GUI-enabled, multi-platform, Sentiment Analysis desktop application. Lingmotif can perform SA on any type of input texts, regardless of their length and topic. The analysis is based on the identification of sentiment-laden words and phrases contained in the application's rich core lexicons, and employs context rules to account for sentiment shifters. It offers easy-to-interpret visual representations of quantitative data, as well as a detailed, qualitative analysis of the text in terms of its sentiment. Lingmotif can also take user-provided plugin lexicons in order to account for domain-specific sentiment expression. As of version 1.0, Lingmotif analyzes English and Spanish texts. Lingmotif thus aims to become a general-purpose Sentiment Analysis tool for discourse analysis, rhetoric, psychology, marketing, the language industries, and others.

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