Coverage for Character Based Neural Machine Translation

M.Bashir Kazimi, Marta R. Costa-jussà


In recent years, Neural Machine Translation (NMT) has achieved state-of-the-art performance in translating from a language; source language, to another; target language. However, many of the proposed methods use word embedding techniques to represent a sentence in the source or target language. Character embedding techniques for this task has been suggested to represent the words in a sentence better. Moreover, recent NMT models use attention mechanism where the most relevant words in a source sentence are used to generate a target word. The problem with this approach is that while some words are translated multiple times, some other words are not translated. To address this problem, coverage model has been integrated into NMT to keep track of already-translated words and focus on the untranslated ones. In this research, we present a new architecture in which we use character embedding for representing the source and target languages, and also use coverage model to make certain that all words are translated. Experiments were performed to compare our model with coverage and character model and the results show that our model performs better than the other two models.

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