Impact of Text Length for Information Retrieval Tasks based on Probabilistic Topics

Carlos Badenes-Olmedo, Borja Lozano-Álvarez, Oscar Corcho


Information retrieval has traditionally been approached using vector models to describe texts. In large document collections, these models need to reduce the dimensions of the vectors to make the operations manageable without compromising their performance. Probabilistic topic models (PTM) propose smaller vector spaces. Words are organized into topics and documents are related to each other from their topic distributions. As in many other AI techniques, the texts used to train the models have an impact on their performance. Particularly, we are interested on the impact that length of texts may have to create PTM. We have studied how it in uences to semantically relate multilingual documents and to capture the knowledge derived from their relationships. The results suggest that the most adequate texts to train PTM should be of equal or greater length than those used to make inferences later and documents should be related by hierarchy-based similarity metrics at large-scale.

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