Overview of ADoBo 2021: Automatic Detection of Unassimilated Borrowings in the Spanish Press

Elena Álvarez Mellado, Luis Espinosa Anke, Julio Gonzalo Arroyo, Constatine Lignos, Jordi Porta Zamorano


This paper summarizes the main findings of the ADoBo 2021 shared task, proposed in the context of IberLef 2021. In this task, we invited participants to detect lexical borrowings (coming mostly from English) in Spanish newswire texts. This task was framed as a sequence classification problem using BIO encoding. We provided participants with an annotated corpus of lexical borrowings which we split into training, development and test splits. We received submissions from 4 teams with 9 different system runs overall. The results, which range from F1 scores of 37 to 85, suggest that this is a challenging task, especially when out-of-domain or OOV words are considered, and that traditional methods informed with lexicographic in-formation would benefit from taking advantage of current NLP trends.

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