Overview of DA-VINCIS at IberLEF 2022: Detection of Aggressive and Violent Incidents from Social Media in Spanish

Luis Joaquín Arellano, Hugo Jair Escalante, Luis Villaseñor-Pineda, Manuel Montes-y-Gómez, Fernando Sanchez-Vega


This paper presents the overview of the DA-VINCIS 2022 task, organized at IberLEF 2023 and co-located with the 38th International Conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing (SEPLN 2022). DA-VINCIS challenged participants to develop automated solutions for the detection of violent events mentioned in social networks. We released a novel corpus collected from Twitter and manually labeled with 4 categories of violent incidents (plus the no-incident label). The shared task focused on the Mexican variant of Spanish and it was divided into two tracks: (1) a binary classification task in which users had to determine whether tweets were associated to a violent incident or not; and (2) a multi-label classification task in which the category of the violent incident should be spotted. More than 40 teams registered for the task and 12 participants submitted predictions for the final phase. Very competitive results were reported in both sub tasks, where transformerbased solutions obtained the best results. Corpora and results are available at the shared task website at https://codalab.lisn.upsaclay.fr/competitions/2638.

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