Overview of DETESTS at IberLEF 2022: DETEction and classification of racial STereotypes in Spanish

Alejandro Ariza-Casabona, Wolfgang S. Schmeisser-Nieto, Montserrat Nofre, Mariona Taulé, Enrique Amigó, Berta Chulvi, Paolo Rosso


This paper presents an overview of the DETESTS shared task as part of the IberLEF 2022 Workshop on Iberian Languages Evaluation Forum, within the framework of the SEPLN 2022 conference. We proposed two hierarchical subtasks: For subtask 1, participants had to determine the presence of stereotypes in sentences. For subtask 2, participants had to classify the sentences labeled with stereotypes into ten categories. The DETESTS dataset contains 5,629 sentences in comments in response to newspaper articles related to immigration in Spanish. 51 teams signed up to participate, of which 39 sent runs, and 5 of them sent their working notes. In this paper, we provide information about the training and test datasets, the systems used by the participants, the evaluation metrics of the systems and their results.

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