Overview of PoliticEs 2022: Spanish Author Profiling for Political Ideology

José Antonio García-Díaz, Salud María Jiménez-Zafra, María-Teresa Martín Valdivia, Francisco García-Sánchez, L. Alfonso Ureña-López, Rafael Valencia-García


This paper presents the PoliticEs 2022 shared task, organized at IberLEF 2022 workshop, within the framework of the 38th International Conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing. This task aims to extract the political ideology from a given user’s set of tweets. Specifically, it focused on the identification of the gender and the profession, as demographic traits, and the political ideology from a binary and multi-class perspective, as a psychographic trait. The PoliticEs task attracted 63 teams that registered through CodaLab. Finally, 20 submitted results and 14 presented working notes describing their systems. Most of the teams proposed transformer-based approaches, although some of them also used traditional machine learning algorithms or even a combination of both approaches.

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