Evaluation of transformer-based models for punctuation and capitalization restoration in Catalan and Galician

Ronghao Pan, José Antonio García-Díaz, Pedro José Vivancos-Vicente, Rafael Valencia-García


In recent years, the performance of Automatic Speech Recognition systems (ASR) has increased considerably due to new deep learning methods. However, the raw output of an ASR system consists of a sequence of words without capital letters and punctuation marks. Therefore, a capitalization and punctuation restoration system are one of the most important post-processes of ASR to improve readability and to enable the subsequent use of these results in other NLP models. Most models focus solely on English punctuation resolution, and recently new models of Spanish punctuation restoration have emerged. However, none focus on capitalization and punctuation restoration in Galician and Catalan. In this sense, we propose a system for capitalization and punctuation restoration based on Transformers models for Catalan and Galician. Both models perform very well, with an overall performance of 90.2% for Galician and 90.86% for Catalan, and have the ability to identify proper names, country names, and organizations for uppercase restoration.

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