Overview of MentalRiskES at IberLEF 2023: Early Detection of Mental Disorders Risk in Spanish

Alba María Mármol-Romero, Adrián Moreno-Muñoz, Flor Miriam Plaza-del-Arco, María Dolores Molina-González, Maria Teresa Martín-Valdivia, Luis Alfonso Ureña-López, Arturo Montejo-Raéz


This paper presents the MentalRiskEs shared task organized at IberLEF 2023, as part of the 39th International Conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing (SEPLN 2023). The aim of this task is to promote the early detection of mental risk disorders in Spanish. We outline three detection tasks: Task 1 on eating disorders, Task 2 on depression, and Task 3 on an undisclosed disorder during the competition (anxiety) to observe the transfer of knowledge among the different disorders proposed. Furthermore, we asked participants to submit measurements of carbon emissions for their systems, emphasizing the need for sustainable NLP practices. In this first edition, 37 teams registered, 18 submitted results, and 16 presented papers. Most teams experimented with Transformers, including features, data augmentation, and preprocessing techniques.

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