Everybody Hurts, Sometimes Overview of HUrtful HUmour at IberLEF 2023: Detection of Humour Spreading Prejudice in Twitter

Roberto Labadie Tamayo, Berta Chulvi, Paolo Rosso


Humour is an efficient strategy to spread prejudice because, most of the time, it evades moral judgement. However, it perpetuates stereotypes and doing so justifies discriminatory acts. At HUHU we propose a frame to study how humour is used to discriminate minorities and to analyse their interplay with the degree of prejudice expressed against specific groups. To this end, we provide a corpus of prejudiced tweets in Spanish annotated with the presence of humour, its prejudice degree and the targeted groups: women and feminists, the LGBTI+ community, immigrants and racially discriminated people, and over-weighted people. This paper analyses the results achieved by the 46 teams that participated in HUHU.

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