Overview of DIPROMATS 2023: automatic detection and characterization of propaganda techniques in messages from diplomats and authorities of world powers

Pablo Moral, Guillermo Marco, Julio Gonzalo, Jorge Carrillo-de-Albornoz, Iván Gonzalo-Verdugo


This paper presents the results of the DIPROMATS 2023 challenge, a shared task included at the Iberian Languages Evaluation Forum (IberLEF). DIPROMATS 2023 provides a dataset with 12012 annotated tweets in English and 9501 tweets in Spanish, posted by authorities of China, Russia, United States and the European Union. Three tasks are proposed for each language. The first one aims to distinguish if a tweet has propaganda techniques or not. The second task seeks to classify the tweet into four clusters of propaganda techniques, whereas the third one offers a fine-grained categorization of 15 techniques. For the three tasks we have received a total of 34 runs from 9 different teams

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