Analysis and classification of spam email using Artificial Intelligence to identify cyberthreats

Francisco Jáñez Martino


Summary of the Ph.D. thesis written by Francisco Jáñez Martino and supervised by Prof. Dra. Rocío Alaiz Rodríguez and Dr. Víctor González Castro at Universidad de León. The defense of the thesis was in León (Spain) in 21st of December 2023 by a committee formed by Dr. Arturo Montejo Ráez (Universidad de Jaén, Spain), Dr. Petr Motlicek (Idiap Research Institute, Switzerland), and Dra. Laura Fernández Robles (Universidad de León, Spain). An international mention was garnered following a six-month tenure at the Universitá di Bologna under the supervision of Dr. Alberto Barrón Cedeño. This Ph.D. thesis was awarded an outstanding Cum Laude grade.

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