Verification of the four Spanish official languages on TV show recordings

A. Varona , M. Penagarikano , L.J. Rodriguez-Fuentes , M. Diez , G. Bordel


This paper presents language recognition results obtained for the four official Spanish languages: Spanish, Catalan, Basque and Galician. Results were obtained in closed and open tests (these latter including segments in French, Portuguese, German or English) on a subset of 30 second segments. A detailed study per target language is also included. Experiments were carried out on the KALAKA database, especially recorded for The Albayzin 2008 Language Recognition Evaluation.
The main verification system resulted from the fusion of an acoustic system and 6 phonotactic subsystems. To model the target language, the acoustic subsystem takes information from the spectral characteristics of the audio signal, whereas phonotactic subsystems use sequences of phones produced by several acoustic-phonetic decoders.
The best fused system attained
a 3,58% EER and CLLR= 0.30 in closed tests, which means 24,5\% improvement with regard to the best result obtained in the Albayzin 2008 LRE.

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