An Approach to Word Sense Disambiguation based on Semantic Classes and Machine Learning

Rubén Izquierdo


Ph.D Thesis in Computer Science, specifically in the field of Computational Linguistics, written at the University of Alicante (UA) by Rubén Izquierdo,
under the supervision of Dr. Armando Suárez Cueto (UA) and Dr. German Rigau Claramunt (EHU/UPV). The author was examined on September 17th 2010,
by a panel formed by Dr. Manuel Palomar (UA), Dr. Paloma Moreda (UA), Dr. María Teresa Martín (UJA), Dr. Lluís Padró (UPC) and Dr. Irene Castellón
(UB). The grade obtained was Sobresaliente Cum Laude.

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