AnCora-Nom: A Spanish Lexicon of Deverbal Nominalizations

Aina Peris , Mariona Taulé


This paper describes a new lexical resource: Ancora-Nom, a Spanish lexicon of deverbal nominalizations. At present, it contains 1,655 lexical entries and 3,094 senses. Each sense has a denotation type associated, and the mapping of nominal complements with arguments and the corresponding theta roles is also annotated. A particular interest of this lexicon is that it has been automatically extracted from the annotated AnCora-Es corpus. AnCora-Nom was derived taking into account the information directly related to nominalizations, but also the morphological and syntactic-semantic information annotated in the corpus, such as WordNet synsets, the specifier type of the nominalization, and its morphological number (singular or plural).

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