Socialising Around Media (SAM): Dynamic Social and Media Content Syndication for Second Screen

David Tomás, Yoan Gutiérrez, Isabel Moreno, Francisco Agulló, Marco Tiemann, Juan V. Vidagany, Andreas Menychtas


Today's generation of Internet devices has changed how users are interacting with media, from passive and unidirectional users to proactive and interactive. Users can use these devices to comment or rate a TV show and search for related information regarding characters, facts or personalities. This phenomenon is known as second screen. This paper describes SAM, an EU-funded research project that focuses on developing an advanced digital media delivery platform based on second screen interaction and content syndication within a social media context, providing open and standardised ways of characterising, discovering and syndicating digital assets. This work provides an overview of the project and its main objectives, focusing on the NLP challenges to be faced and the technologies developed so far.

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