Overview of EXIST 2021: sEXism Identification in Social neTworks

Francisco Rodríguez-Sánchez, Jorge Carrillo-de-Albornoz, Laura Plaza, Julio Gonzalo, Paolo Rosso, Miriam Comet, Trinidad Donoso


The paper describes the organization, goals, and results of the sEXism Identification in Social neTworks (EXIST) challenge, a shared task proposed for the first time at IberLEF 2021. EXIST 2021 proposes two challenges: sexism identifi-cation and sexism categorization of tweets and gabs, both in Spanish and English. We have received a total of 70 runs for the sexism identification task and 61 for the sexism categorization challenge, submitted by 31 different teams from 11 countries. We present the dataset, the evaluation methodology, an overview of the proposed systems, and the results obtained. The final dataset consists of more than 11,000 annotated texts from two social networks (Twitter and Gab) and its development has been supervised and monitored by experts in gender issues.

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