Overview of GUA-SPA at IberLEF 2023: Guarani-Spanish Code Switching Analysis

Luis Chiruzzo, Marvin Agüero-Torales, Gustavo Giménez-Lugo, Aldo Alvarez, Yliana Rodríguez, Santiago Góngora, Thamar Solorio


We present the first shared task for detecting and analyzing codeswitching in Guarani and Spanish, GUA-SPA at IberLEF 2023. The challenge consisted of three tasks: identifying the language of a token, NER, and a novel task of classifying the way a Spanish span is used in the code-switched context. We annotated a corpus of 1500 texts extracted from news articles and tweets, around 25 thousand tokens, with the information for the tasks. Three teams took part in the evaluation phase, obtaining in general good results for Task 1, and more mixed results for Tasks 2 and 3.

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