Cognos: A Pragmatic Annotation Toolkit for the Acquisition of Natural Interaction Knowledge

Francisco Javier Calle , Esperanza Albacete , Garazi Olaziregi , Enrique Sánchez , David del Valle , Jessica Rivero , D. Cuadra


This paper describes some corpus annotation tools focused in pragmatic knowledge. They are part of the Cognos Toolkit: a set of tools and applications for assisting the analysis, annotation, formalization and management of interactive corpus acquired from human interactions. Annotation takes place on multiple layers, yet the presented here is focused on natural language, communicative acts, segments, intentions, context and tasks developed through the interaction. Cognos Toolkit is platform-independent, database supported, and endowed with an intuitive graphical user interface. It also enables the exportation of pragmatically annotated dialogues to XML files which extends the annotations reusability and sharing

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